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Gossip Girl. (2)

Hey everyone!) This message is going to be about the show Gossip Girl, again. In my last message of the same name I had a totally different opinion on the show. Now I'm kinda fan of the show, so I wanted to write about it.

The message contains spoilers, so if you haven't watched the latest episodes but you are going to, do not read this.

Actually, I am not going to write a long review, but I have to (I feel I must) clarify what made me change my mind. Firstly, all the dramas about coming and going characters in the show lately make sense to me. All the girls, who want to be like Serena; all the girls, that try to date with Nate or Dan so that to be 'one of them'; and all the other boys and girls, who hate that Great Four now are not ridiculous for me. In fact, I understand them. It is such a dream, to be Serena...such a fantasy, to be loved by Chuck... Who would reject it? And what is more important, who would not try to be one of them? Also, when watching the last episodes, I wasn't thinking that Ed Westwick(Chuck) is overplaying, I wasn't annoyed by Nate and Serena neither. They are more attractive now.
I know the show is unrealistic, because people just can't be so ideal but so cruel, but I just can't stop thinking how happy they are!

Getting back to the topic, the second reason now I love the show is that it is getting better and better with every season. Its quality now is not the same. The fifth season is awesome, with great soundtracks, by the way. They even played Lykke Li! Especially I loved, that they put Eminem's 'Love the way you lie' and 'Space bound' on Chuck and Blair moments.

The third reason: Jenny Humphry and Vanessa (I can't even remember her last name) are gone! It is so much pleasing! I know Jenny is cute, and, as I wrote in the other message, she is getting everything she wants and that hard work of her deserves a respect. But it is so much better without her!))

And the last but the most important reason why I love the show Gossip Girl is... the new couple, Dan and Blair, or, as fans call them, 'Dair'. I couldn't even imagine, that these two could be so cute. No, they are not together, and I wonder, if Blair knows about the feelings of Dan, but anyway, they could be a couple. The way Dan wishes all the best for Blair, the way he looks at her...it is so breathtaking! And Dan is so much different with her! I even wanted to cry, seeing how Blair kisses Louis and then looks at Chuck, thinking she hurt him, but there was Dan, hurt, too. Nobody cared about his feelings, and it is so sad...
I know Chuck and Blair are made for each other, I know they have to be together, but I still care for Dan. I just don't want to see him hurt again, he doesn't deserve that...

The funny thing is, that it turned out to be, that Blair is the one who can make ANY person love her, she also changes people. There are some people, who are unforgettable. She is one of them. People who ever loved her can't forget her... That is bad for Dan, but I hope he will find his way, I know he can. When I think of Dan and his love for Blair, I listen to the song 'Happy Ending' of Mika. I think this song describes all the complication of this couple.

So, this is why now I am a fan of the show and waiting like crazy for the new episodes.))

Chair or Dair? Poor Dan....(Trying to sound like Gossip Girl xD)

P. S. I loved  two quotes of Chuck, and they are both about Blair:

-Don't ever let anyone say you are not powerful. You are the most powerful woman I have ever seen. 

Nate: -Do you still love Blair?
Chuck: -I can't imagine the day I won't...


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