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There will be times, I hope, when I write about myself and about amazing changes that've been happening to me lately. But for now, I want to share with you some of the things of art (those things really deserve being called like that), that impressed me, helped me and changed me in some ways. They inspired me. I've been thinking of what to write about today and suddenly I felt that there are things that I want everyone to feel.

1. This Drama impressed me very much. I wasn't obsessed by Korean Drama and Music very much (not at all, to tell the truth), but I always knew about Korean actress, Song Hye Kyo. She is very beautiful.

So, by chance, I just found myself on the site of BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER, and I understood it when I was watching the very first minutes. I immediately called my sister to watch it with me (cause she is the person who absolutely appreciates good quality), and we couldn't stop watching it for about 6 hours, or more. I will not be speaking about it very much, YOU JUST NEED TO SEE IT. The Drama is called 'Autumn Tale', it is in Korean (which is very good, cause that way you got that atmosphere...Korean Drama's atmosphere), and the subtitles are in English. I must remind you, the story is really sad, it is about Love, Friendship, Family, Life... The story will bring you tears of sadness and happiness. So, WATCH IT!!! I promise, you won't regret it. IT IS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! It is really like a tale, and once you watch it, it will leave Autumn in your heart forever.

And yeah, here you can watch all the series of Autumn Tale, as I told you: 
When watching it, please, press bottom Next, because one episode consists of 3 videos!!! Don't forget about it! Good luck, you will love it;))

2. Can you name the most talanted person of all times? What about the most entertaining, the kindest and the unique one? I can. It is Michael Jackson. 
I love him, I admire him. He made this world a little better with his music. 
...I won't be writing about my love for Michael now, because it is huge, and it would take several hours to express it;) I just want to say, that he is the best one! His music and incredible videoclips are immortal, they show you what the high quality is. But now I would want to tell you about his live performances. He gave his soul to the every performance of him, so they are all good. I just recommend you to watch one of his concerts from the beginning till the end. You must feel it, see how he never gets tired, how he moves, sings, and how fans are getting crazy! This package will impress you, and when you watch it, you certainly know, that YOU ARE WATCHING SOMETHING EPIC, HISTORICAL AND IMMORTAL. His performances will never be irrelevant. If you have no idea what concert of him to watch, I would suggest you the perfomance in BUCHAREST. You may find videos of it on youtube, I think there will be no problems))

3. And the last but not least thing that inspires me when I watch is 'Beyonce live at glastonbury'. Beyonce is a great artist, and we all know it. Her talent and power are something we cannot deny. To tell the truth, I never loved her very much. I only watched her clips and sometimes I didn't like them... Then, by chance, as usual, I got to see her live performance, it is 'I am...Yours. An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas'. Me and my sister just fell in love with that concert, it was soooo great! But I want you to see another 'live' of her, 'Live at Glastonbery'. Oh my God....I was speechless. It is something that will make you adore Beyonce, because she works it out! Really, she dances, sings, and performs all of her hits. The crowd is amazing! And the best thing about her is that BEYONCE ENTERTAINS! Watch it and get the energy for the whole day! And hey, watch the full concert. If it is problematic for you to find it, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1isBFj3MlWo

This will be your medicine from depression, believe me) The concert lasts more than one hour, and if it scares you, watch a fragment from many lives of one song. You're gonna love it.

These were the things I wanted to share) Hope you will enjoy it!) These 3 things really inspire me, and I hope you will also get inspired by them. But hey, don't forget, that it is good to watch some great things, but it is better to MAKE great things, to take part in them) So, get inspired by them and use that inspiration, do not sleep with that feeling, but try to make something)

P.S. There are also 2 videos I want to tell you about. If you watch Beyonce's live at Glastonbury, you will for sure notice dancers-twins. LES TWINS. They are adorable!! Watch their great dance right here: 

Also, you may love the sound of Kazakh instrument'. The instrument is called DOMBYRA, and I love our group called ULYTAU that perform the KUI "ADAI". Maybe it is my patriotism, I don't know...but I am CRAZY about the sound they make. It is ethno-rock, the combination of 3 instrumenrs, and dombyra is the most important part of it. Are you interested? Then watch it...I mean listen to it. Cause it is amazing!


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