Gossip Girl.

I have spent like 2 days watching the show Gossip Girl, and I haven't finished it yet. Well, I must admit it -the show is very watchable, though I am a little bit late with watching it)

It is a teenage show, with no promises to be a masterpiece, so it would be stupid of me to expect Gossip Girl to have an original plot or interesting characters. In fact, the plot is very very far from original, but the characters are cute. I mean, they are mean, thay really are, and I have no idea, whether Manhattan's teenagers are really like that or not, but while watching it, you just fall in love with the show.

Lets start with the boring ones. It is Serena and Nate. First Serena. Slim blondie, miss Sunshine, the dream of every boy and every designer - she just could not be interesting or deep, if you know what I mean. She's got everything in her life easily and free, she just doesn't have time to read, study or for self-development. Why would she? I bet every girl dream to be like her. I just wish she wasn't that obsessed with boys, and wasn't THAT stupid, but, nevermind, she is not so important. The next boring one, or even more boring than Serena is Nate. He looks like a model, too. Rich, popular...but he is one of that guys that don't say "no", so, at the end he slept with every girl in the show, if I am not mistaken.

Vanessa annoyed me lately, cause she turned out to be an envious one. Dan is cute, Jenny is ambitious. Actually, I really respect Jenny, she is brave and talanted. Even if she makes mistakes and tries to be in the centre of attention, she is at least doing something. That is why she deserves everything she has.

But the most charming characters are Chuck and Blair. I won't be surprised, if more than a half of the show fans watch it because of this couple. They even name Chuck and Blair "Chair". Isn't that cute?

They are adorable. They got your attention from the beginning, they just steal the show! I must say, their story is nothing extraordinary, and sometimes their drama is too much sickening. But it is a great couple, cause they are perfect together. Also, they seem to be very real, that's why you fall in love with them. 

I haven't seen the 5th season of the show, I haven't even finished the 4th one, but I don't think it will surprise me: new characters come, and try to take revenge of the Great Four (Serena, Blair, Chuck and Nate), or they  are to be the victoms of the very Great Four. Thereat Serena dates several guys during the season; Chuck and Blair play games; Nate also dates several girls; Dan is being cute (that includes taking care of his friends and father); while Jenny tries to be the best. And, of course, there will be Drama. Drama, Drama, and again - Drama. 

But, as I said, characters somehow make you interested in the show. Oh, and 2 most important things about Gossip Girl:
-possibility to watch Manhattan, see how the citizens live there;
-while watching the show you happen to see the Glamour, and beautiful actors wearing beautiful fashion pieces, from bags and hats to dresses and it is a great pleasure to observe it. Fashion is in every minute of the show.

And again, it is all about 'Chair'!

It is scandalous, full of drama, catchy and strangely addictive show. Once you watch some episodes, you can't stop doing it. If you like dramas, of course:)

P.S I am so glad that the characters finished school, cause it was too weird to watch 20-25 years old actors playing school students.


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